Tuesday, November 23, 2010



I was just reading this article and this is my rant:

I don't understand why taking down Planned Parenthood could POSSIBLY be GOOD for the economy!?!?!?

I love how Republicans love to waste everyone's time talking about things like this and how bad gay people are. It just seems like a ploy to distract everyone from the fact that they have no idea how to solve our economic problems either!

Blah. So annoying.

Like honestly, this is why I can't stand the Republican agenda.

Sorry, this just bothers me. Let people make their own decisions when it comes to morality.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Cool thing for NYC Roommate seekers

I found this event today when I was searching for apartment listings (for someone else -- work related, blab, blah) but anyways, it's pretty awesome. If you're looking for apartments or roomies it would probably be something to try out. Not sure exactly how it works, but I just thought I'd share/post it on here to use in the future if I ever need a roommate.

**Oh yeah, if you were living under a rock and didn't notice, I chose NYC. I like it a lot. Definitely exactly how I thought it would be. Maybe I moved here because it seemed like all my friends were, but really I love it now and have a great job, so all is good in the hood (which happens to be Williamsburg).


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