Thursday, December 2, 2010


So this article was posted on Gothamist today about how artists are now flocking to cities like Cleveland and Detroit. I'm kind of in love with this bit of information. I'm of a firm belief that artists sort of have the power to invigorate a city. It's like that whole gentrification thing, you know? Definitely has its good and bad points, but in general, I think its positive. No, Cleveland does not have a lot going for it...but what it does have is POTENTIAL. The whole last year I lived in Cleveland, I kept thinking...they need to set up subsidized housing for artists in an area like Tremont...and per this article, it would probably be a good idea. When I worked for the Short North Business Association in Columbus I did a lot of reading about the history of the area, and what I learned was that the area had been really run down and so it was cheap to live there. In turn, artists moved in (because artists are typically poor), set up galleries, and had art related events. Then rich people moved in to start their own galleries, and more rich people came to visit them. Of course they needed someplace to eat, so restaurants opened, and then they thought it would be pretty cool to live there, so housing got nice, etc.. Basically this is Cleveland's answer to everything that is currently going wrong. I hope they embrace it. Public officials in Cleveland have a tendency to screw things up (hence the current situation), but maybe this time they will see the light. Improving the public transportation would also be a bonus. Seriously, if that happened, and bike lanes happened, I might consider moving back in a few years. Maybe even doing something entrepreneurial. Till' then I will continue to tell everyone I meet in New York that Cleveland is actually pretty awesome. Low cost of living, lots of potential, down to earth people, and we're totally the underdogs when it comes to sports (which in my opinion is a good thing, just as long as we win once and awhile).

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I was just reading this article and this is my rant:

I don't understand why taking down Planned Parenthood could POSSIBLY be GOOD for the economy!?!?!?

I love how Republicans love to waste everyone's time talking about things like this and how bad gay people are. It just seems like a ploy to distract everyone from the fact that they have no idea how to solve our economic problems either!

Blah. So annoying.

Like honestly, this is why I can't stand the Republican agenda.

Sorry, this just bothers me. Let people make their own decisions when it comes to morality.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Cool thing for NYC Roommate seekers

I found this event today when I was searching for apartment listings (for someone else -- work related, blab, blah) but anyways, it's pretty awesome. If you're looking for apartments or roomies it would probably be something to try out. Not sure exactly how it works, but I just thought I'd share/post it on here to use in the future if I ever need a roommate.

**Oh yeah, if you were living under a rock and didn't notice, I chose NYC. I like it a lot. Definitely exactly how I thought it would be. Maybe I moved here because it seemed like all my friends were, but really I love it now and have a great job, so all is good in the hood (which happens to be Williamsburg).

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Where the heart is?

If home is where the heart is, then I am very confused as to where the hell my home should be. My heart is not here (Cleveland, OH) that's for sure.

There are three cities I would consider moving to:

1) New York, specifically Brooklyn.

Why New York?
Everything, literally. New York has every kind of everything. The diversity is amazing. I would never be bored. A lot of my friends are there. Most of them make me feel like there is no other place in the world that could possibly be cooler or more exciting. I loved it here. If I could find a job, my career potential would be limitless. It could be a lot of fun. Also, SUBWAYS = great public transportation (a concept I am very fond of).

Why Not New York?
Dirty, expensive, stressful. I'm not going to lie and say New York didn't stress me out a bit. You have to be on your toes constantly. It's also very expensive, and I think I would miss trees/greenery/fresh smelling air a lot.

The low-down: Reality is, if I got a job there I would probably try it. But more and more I realize that I don't think I'm willing to quit my job and go there with nothing. I have weird feelings about the fact that all my friends want to go there, and that maybe I'm just getting sucked into the hype and ignoring the fact that I might be interested in being somewhere else. This is a tough one for me.

2) Austin, TX

(okay, Austin and Portland are kind of funny since I've never been to either place)

Why Austin?
Live music scene (if you don't know me, then you must be made aware that I'm a music fanatic). Bike culture. Seemingly active and healthy culture. Mexican food. People seem happy. I could probably get a job there with the company I currently work for. My aunt's family lives 2 hours away (it would be nice to be close to SOME family for holidays and such). It's generally a young city that I hear nothing but good things about.

Why not Austin?
I think I would eventually miss seasons, especially fall. It's in Texas, which has always been a state that annoyed me on a multitude of levels. Not a great public transportation system. No friends are there.

The low-down:
I need to visit. There is really no way to know if I like it without ever having been there. I like the bike culture thing. I really don't like the poor public transportation system thing. I love warm weather, it makes me happy. However, I'm not sure if I can get up the nerve to move someplace where I literally don't know anyone.

3) Portland, OR

Why Portland?
I'm pretty sure Portland is going to be my favorite city hands-down, and again, I've never even been there. I LOVE how green it is (literally and environmentally). The bike culture is amazing. The public transportation is rad. It's close to mountains and the ocean. It's seemingly full of young, interesting people, good restaurants, and culture. It seems safe, peaceful, and generally beautiful.

Why Not Portland?
I haven't heard anything too special about the job market. It's far from my family/friends, and I don't know anyone there. It's also apparently expensive, and I've heard it rains a lot, which can be depressing.

The low-down: I need to visit, however visiting could potentially be a very expensive endeavor. I could probably get a job there through my company. But it's very far, and very expensive. Yet somehow, Portland remains my favorite on this list.

In general, this is a very confusing topic for me. I'm trying to do some soul searching, and maybe try to travel to Austin and Portland to see if they're really how I'm imagining them to be. The trouble is that all of the money I use for travel could be going towards starting a new life in one of the aforementioned cities. Very difficult decisions.

***UPDATE*** After reading this over a few times, and reading quite a few forums on Austin and Portland, I feel that New York is the best place for right now. It's all I've been thinking about since I visited July 4th and I've been pursuing finding a job there pretty hardcore for the past month. Marchons, marchons!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

reality bites

Living with your parents is lame. I can't wait to move out. Hopefully this will happen within the next six months. Preferably, in the Brooklyn, NY area. I really feel that I would like my roommate/living situation to be akin to that of the one Winona Ryder's character had in Reality Bites.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Cute Idea: Jewelry Storage

Jewelery is a very difficult item to store. Personally, I've taken to putting up push-pins to hang my necklaces, and just leaving other items in a jewelery box. However, push-pins are unattractive and things get tangled in boxes. So when I saw this cute idea, I had to blog about it. If not only so I can remember to do this when I eventually have my own place again.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Miracle Hangover Cure

My Sunday morning in New York this past weekend was a little rough. I didn't make it out for brunch (at noon) and was still not up to par when we left for a BBQ at 5pm. Then all of the sudden, it was like the heavens rained down upon me. We were in a bodega picking up some beers for our cookout, when I saw a fridge full of coconut water and remembered somebody saying it was good for hangovers, so I decided to try. Boy was it worth it! This stuff is like lube for the soul. I felt like a new person within 30 minutes of finishing one small box and was ready to go again within an hour. Truly amazing and highly recommended.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Something I would really like to find in NYC is a beaded bracelet, or two (like these ones pictures above). I really think they are the perfect summer accessory and go with just about anything casual. LOVE.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Max Rogers

Model Max Rogers is captured by photographer Thomas Lohr. Taken from the the lastest editorial from Seventh Man. (via

It's so refreshing to see fashion photography of a man who has a more rugged, manly look about him. I feel like men in fashion are increasingly becoming more and more feminine these days (aka- skinny, with little to no body hair). Actually, men in general are becoming far too feminine. Personally, I prefer some body hair, beards, and manly facial features. I think most girls do, and yet somehow these things are becoming lost. Sad times. There is an oil spill in the Gulf and real men are becoming extinct. No good, no good at all.

Friday, June 25, 2010

tiny badass

I love remembering myself in high school and thinking about how much of a tiny badass I was. Smoking cigs on school property and going to parties like this. Hilarious. I found this picture on somebody's Facebook tonight and was completely overwhelmed with nostalgia. These parties were insane. I'm so glad I was a part of this group of people at that time. Much has changed, but it was new and exciting back then and I will never forget this time of my life.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Why I LOVE all things Nordic

No, not this! But just about everything else...

The Nordic countries make up a region in Northern Europe and the North Atlantic which consists of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden (all of which use a Nordic Cross flag) and their associated territories which include the Faroe Islands, Greenland, Svalbard and Ă…land. Scandinavia is sometimes used as a synonym for the Nordic countries, although within the Nordic countries the terms are considered distinct.

I am consistently impressed by Nordic culture. From their amazingly creative, fun, and edgy sense of fashion to their political culture, the way they live seems so progressive, smart, and beautiful. In addition, I think some of the best music in the world has been coming out these countries for awhile now. I can't even tell you how many Nordic bands I've posted on DCDM since I began last year. Even movies. Anyone heard of 'Let the Right One In'?

So maybe instead of NYC or Portland, I will move to Denmark or Sweden!?

Probs not, considering I would never even begin to be able to grasp those crazy languages! Instead I will appreciate their culture from afar. I feel like our country could learn a thing or two from these (what seems to be) very nice, happy people.


Jonsi (Iceland) - Maybe a bit creepy in the looks department, Jonsi's music is fantastic. Prior to going solo, Jonsi was a member of Royskopp (another awesome Nordic band). Not kidding, this is probably some of the most original, whimsical, and just plain pretty music I have ever heard.

Robyn (Sweden) - Pop perfection, fun lyrics, amazing aesthetic everything. Robyn fucking rules. I have loved Robyn for a long time, remember 'Show Me Love'? Yeah, that was my jam in 6th grade. Robyn's music has come a long way and now exists in a dance-pop-electro-ish world of its own. I love her voice. I love her style. I love everything about her.

And the list goes on and on: Fever Ray, Teddybears, Lykke Li, The Knife, Kent, Bjork, Jens Lekman, and pretty much all metal ever.


I originally thought that Stockholm Street Style and Copenhagen Street Style were blogs mainly made up of pictures taken of a few very trendy people in particular places and that wasn't what real life was like in these countries. However, my recent following of a blog done by a regular girl living in Sweden has shown me otherwise. It's no surprise that this is where H&M came from. The people in Nordic countries seem to be fearless when it comes to clothing and I love it.

Political Culture & Bik

There are three major pillars of the modern Nordic welfare state: social security, health care and free education. Health care and social security ensure a high minimum living standard for all citizens regardless of their economic situation. The free education maximizes the social mobility, and strives to make it possible for everyone to better themselves, without relying on economic support from their families.

Despite the expectations of its critics, the Nordic countries have strong economies, a high standard of living, low crime rates and are democracies. - via Wikipedia

So basically, they have amazing social programs and yet still manage to maintain free markets and high standards of living. SHOCKING.

They also ride bikes EVERYWHERE!

Basically I'm a huge fan and I just wanted to share my love.

***update**** I met a guy named 'Marcius' from Norway this past weekend and had the most exciting conversation about Nordic culture. Yay!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

round sunglasses and high waisted shorts

I am madly in love with these two trends.

Friday, June 11, 2010


So I'm sitting here watching VH1's Undateable and I've been inspired to create my own version. So far since I've moved back to Cleveland, I've noticed that I never see attractive guys anymore. Being newly single, this is an upsetting problem. The thing is that I think a lot of guys here have potential, they just ruin everything by wearing dumb things/having horrible hair. So here goes...

1. Military Hats

These are VERY popular with men in Cleveland. They usually feature pinstrips or maybe a skull decal. Sorry, dudes it's 2010. You look like that kid with a mullet from Degrassi.

2. Overly graphic tees
Okay, so this a good rule for male style: K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid). This shirt violates that rule to the point where it needs to be checked into a clinic and have pictures taken of its vagina. You look DUMB. You look like a seventh grade girl. Is that glitter on your shirt? Oh, rhinestones? Stop it. Now. Take that shit back to the Buckle ASAP.

3. KSwiss/any other white tennis shoes
These shoes were really cool when I was in 7th grade. That was 10 YEARS AGO. Take them off. Any shoes that you need to replace every 6 weeks because they're getting yellow are gross.

4. Lip rings/gauged ears/emo hair
Lip rings are trashy. Gauged ears make you have gross stretched out lobes. Emo hair (enough said). Hot Topic is for 15 year olds. You probably still listen to things like Matchbox Romance. Give it up. Grow up. Bye.

5. Goatees:
Overly manicured facial hair is weird. Don't do it. The end.

6. Puka shells/Man necklace
People who don't live in this city would be shocked at the amount of puka shell necklaces that are still being worn. When I think about puka shells I think about 6th grade, Kenny Chesney, and visors. The last time I associated these things with hot guys, I was 12. Unless your looking for a girlfriend who is in middle school, remove your puka shell necklace, hold it over the toilet, and cut the string. Now!

7. Designer Jeans
You spent $200 on those jeans. You spent $200 on JEANS! TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS! Do you have a penis? Really? Cause I don't believe you.

8. Ringer Tees
NERD. I get it, your "vintage" right? Maybe in 1999. However, it's the future now and it looks like you got left behind. Get yourself a normal tee shirt. Please.

9. Overly gelled hair/frosted tips
Your hair is shiny and stiff. Do you like girls with solid hair that feels like plastic? No. Why should we like your hair like that? I don't care what your mom says. Are TRYING to look like your on the Jersey Shore? Get over it. You're in Cleveland.

10. I'm getting tired and can't come up with any more DON'TS.


1. K.I.S.S.

Simple is best. If you don't have much of an eye for fashion you can easily do things like: Avoid logos/graphic tees (being a walking billboard is unattractive). Buy a nice pair of classic tennis shoes (Converse, New Balance, Nike, etc). Keep your hair natural. If it's a hot mess, do just enough to tame that shit. If your bald, shave your head. If you can grow a beard, cool, but leave it at that, a BEARD. More importantly, if you can't grow a beard, DO NOT ATTEMPT. That's embarrassing and you need to hide the evidence. Really, it's easy. Walk into a Target, buy some Levi's and a tee shirt and your golden. Nothing fancy here. You can do it boys. I believe in you.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Electric Aztec Teardrop Earrings

Motel Aztec Print Dress

Charo Aztec cuff

Marc Jacobs 'Ossie Aztec' bag

Aztec print everything. Summer 2010.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

blogs are great, but magazines are better

Oh the great cure for all of my sad, boring days in Ohio from freshman year of high school until very recently: magazines. Like a fix to a junkie, magazines were pretty much my crack cocaine up until about a year ago. From the early days of SPIN, Rolling Stone, and Allure subscriptions to the last few years of making a monthly run to the local Barnes and Nobles to satisfy a craving for a new Missbehave or Fader, magazines have given me much happiness in life. Something about holding the material object in my hands...the glossy pages, full page advertisements for shoes, perfume and watches, the photography, the gorgeous models all being within my hands has always has always turned me on. I could read a magazine over and over again, constantly finding something new on every page. Then, after pouring through the pages for a couple weeks, I would start to rip out the pages and use them to decorate my walls, lockers, and pretty much everything else that remained an empty space. Then the remainder of the pages would be stacked up on my coffee table to further their use as meaningful decorations. The magazines stacked up in my room during college were display of who I was as a person. I am passionate about music and photography: Fader. I am a 20 something, kind of indie, fan of fashion and keepin' it real: Missbehave. I could go on and on. But recently, something has changed. Missbehave couldn't afford to stay in print, and in turn became a full-time blog (which I read obsessively, until that perished as well) and I stopped making my monthly runs to Barnes and Nobles. Fader became expensive and it was easier to RSS them to my Google Reader, along with a ton of other blogs. Slowly, but surely blogs have become my new magazines. It's great because blogs are free, easy, and uber accessible, yet I still love the magazine. Yeah, the material is slightly less relevant, as in it wasn't written 3 hours ago. But there is something about having it in your hands, actually READING the articles (usually over and over again), and keeping the stuff around for nostalgia and decor's sake that blogs will never be able to recreate.

That being said, this is my new writing blog. A recent break-up with a crappy boyfriend who was around for way too long has reignited my love of writing about feelings and shit. So, here goes.


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