Thursday, December 2, 2010


So this article was posted on Gothamist today about how artists are now flocking to cities like Cleveland and Detroit. I'm kind of in love with this bit of information. I'm of a firm belief that artists sort of have the power to invigorate a city. It's like that whole gentrification thing, you know? Definitely has its good and bad points, but in general, I think its positive. No, Cleveland does not have a lot going for it...but what it does have is POTENTIAL. The whole last year I lived in Cleveland, I kept thinking...they need to set up subsidized housing for artists in an area like Tremont...and per this article, it would probably be a good idea. When I worked for the Short North Business Association in Columbus I did a lot of reading about the history of the area, and what I learned was that the area had been really run down and so it was cheap to live there. In turn, artists moved in (because artists are typically poor), set up galleries, and had art related events. Then rich people moved in to start their own galleries, and more rich people came to visit them. Of course they needed someplace to eat, so restaurants opened, and then they thought it would be pretty cool to live there, so housing got nice, etc.. Basically this is Cleveland's answer to everything that is currently going wrong. I hope they embrace it. Public officials in Cleveland have a tendency to screw things up (hence the current situation), but maybe this time they will see the light. Improving the public transportation would also be a bonus. Seriously, if that happened, and bike lanes happened, I might consider moving back in a few years. Maybe even doing something entrepreneurial. Till' then I will continue to tell everyone I meet in New York that Cleveland is actually pretty awesome. Low cost of living, lots of potential, down to earth people, and we're totally the underdogs when it comes to sports (which in my opinion is a good thing, just as long as we win once and awhile).


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