Wednesday, April 7, 2010

blogs are great, but magazines are better

Oh the great cure for all of my sad, boring days in Ohio from freshman year of high school until very recently: magazines. Like a fix to a junkie, magazines were pretty much my crack cocaine up until about a year ago. From the early days of SPIN, Rolling Stone, and Allure subscriptions to the last few years of making a monthly run to the local Barnes and Nobles to satisfy a craving for a new Missbehave or Fader, magazines have given me much happiness in life. Something about holding the material object in my hands...the glossy pages, full page advertisements for shoes, perfume and watches, the photography, the gorgeous models all being within my hands has always has always turned me on. I could read a magazine over and over again, constantly finding something new on every page. Then, after pouring through the pages for a couple weeks, I would start to rip out the pages and use them to decorate my walls, lockers, and pretty much everything else that remained an empty space. Then the remainder of the pages would be stacked up on my coffee table to further their use as meaningful decorations. The magazines stacked up in my room during college were display of who I was as a person. I am passionate about music and photography: Fader. I am a 20 something, kind of indie, fan of fashion and keepin' it real: Missbehave. I could go on and on. But recently, something has changed. Missbehave couldn't afford to stay in print, and in turn became a full-time blog (which I read obsessively, until that perished as well) and I stopped making my monthly runs to Barnes and Nobles. Fader became expensive and it was easier to RSS them to my Google Reader, along with a ton of other blogs. Slowly, but surely blogs have become my new magazines. It's great because blogs are free, easy, and uber accessible, yet I still love the magazine. Yeah, the material is slightly less relevant, as in it wasn't written 3 hours ago. But there is something about having it in your hands, actually READING the articles (usually over and over again), and keeping the stuff around for nostalgia and decor's sake that blogs will never be able to recreate.

That being said, this is my new writing blog. A recent break-up with a crappy boyfriend who was around for way too long has reignited my love of writing about feelings and shit. So, here goes.

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