Saturday, January 1, 2011

new years 2011

whoa, so its totally 2011 now.

i've decided i should start blogging about my personal experiences here in nyc. obviously i'm not going to go into too much detail, but i want to remember this shit and i truly do have some funny stories, so i figure, why not share them?

new years 2011:

Warehouse party in Bushwick:

We paid $20 to get into something that clearly we did not need to pay for. A huge warehouse, a lot of 19 year olds, Ariel Pink (the dude) was wasted and screamed, "I hate you all" and then preceded to play a crappy show.

Coco 66 in Greenpoint was actually way more fun. I kissed my friends. Found some dude. And danced to top 40 songs.

The warehouse party should have been cool. But none of us do/did any fun party time drugs so we were pretty much a bunch of sober sallys mingling with a lot of kids on ecstasy.

In the end, I'm glad we stayed in Brooklyn. I didn't get to see the ball drop. I feel slightly uncomfortable with the decisions I made. I need brunch and a bloody mary. I'm glad its not Sunday.

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